Where Did I Go (iPhone/iPad Application)

Welcome to "Where Did I Go"

"Where Did I Go" is an app that runs on the iPhone and iPad that lets you keep track of places you have visited.

This application will automatically record your location and speed at a specified interval – say, every 15 minutes – and lets you view these locations on a map.

To make effective sure of this app, you will need to make sure that the app's “Background App Refresh” setting is enabled.
See the note in the Tips and Recommendations section.

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Welcome to “Where Did I Go”



Tips and Recommendations

Differences between the Lite Edition and the Full Edition

Running the app requires that Location Services be enabled on your iPad/iPhone


How to exit the app and make sure it is not running in the background

Upgrading from the Lite Edition



With the full edition of this app, you can:

  • add your current location at any time by pressing a button;

  • add a short note to a location on a map;

  • indicate the time interval (between 5 minutes and 24 hours) for location tracking;

  • view individual or all tracked locations in a map;

  • scroll through all tracked locations on a map in order;

  • email maps with the option of including a full list of tracked locations as well as traveling speed (when available);

  • configure the app to email a full report and map of locations visited that day.


Here are just a few ways you might use this app:

  • Press the “Add Current Location” (“+”) button whenever you arrive at a new location as a way to remember an interesting place (or simply to remember where you have parked your car).

  • When on vacation, you have a easy way to keep track of the places you have visited.

  • For jobs that might require a status report (e.g., a salesman), you have an automatic log of times and places visited during the work day.

  • If somebody has to meet you or pick you up at your current location, you have a simple and easy way to tell them where you are: just send them an email that includes a map and location information.

  • If you are a parent of a teenage child, you might require your child to have the app running before handing over the car keys.

Tips and Recommendations:

**** IMPORTANT ****

In the event that you want to run this app in the background – this is most likely the case – you will need to make sure that its “Background App Refresh” settings are enabled.

To do this, go to your device's “Settings” app, choose “General”, and then “Background App Refresh”.
Turn on “Background App Refresh” and turn on the item for “Where Did I Go” below it;
then restart the app.

To better preserve battery life, you will want to turn this feature off for all other items except for those particular apps for which you know you want background refreshes.


If a feature does not appear to match the description in this document, make sure that you are using the full edition of the app and not the Lite Edition. See the section on the differences between the two versions.

Using location services consumes a lot of power.
Therefore, to preserve your device's battery life, we recommend against setting the time interval to less than 15 minutes.

To record your current location at any time, just press the “+” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Use the Advanced Settings to turn on automatic email reports.
When this feature is enabled, you will be prompted to send an email containing a list of all locations reported when location tracking has stopped.
The email addresses listed under advanced settings also become the default addresses used to send to when choosing the email menu items in the map screen.

Be aware that location tracking in this app will stop if the “Stop” button is pressed, the upper time limit (12 hours) for tracking locations in a single session has passed, or your iPhone/iPad's battery level is below 15 %.

Previously tracked locations are erased whenever a new tracking session begins (i.e., the “Start” button is pressed on the Sessions screen).
Therefore, we recommend that you always have the automatic email reports feature enabled (under Advanced Settings).
Otherwise, you will need to use a menu item on the map screen to email a report if you want to keep a record of your locations.

If you are viewing the map and don't see a location that you think should be available (e.g., an automatically added location doesn't appear while you are viewing the map), try choosing the “Refresh” item in the map's action menu.

Differences between the Lite Edition and the Full Edition:

Several features are disabled or limited in the Lite Edition:

  • the options for emailing tracking results;

  • custom notes for locations;

  • hybrid and satellite map views;

  • tracking time intervals may only be set in increments of 15 minutes (as opposed to 5 minutes in the full edition);

  • a tracking session is limited to at most 4 hours (as opposed to 12 hours in the full edition).

Running the app requires that Location Services be enabled on your iPad/iPhone:

The first time the app attempts to track a location (e.g., when the “Add Current Location” button or the “Start” button is pressed for the first time), a message will appear saying:

"Where Did I Go" Would Like to Use Your Current Location

Select the “OK” button in response to this message.
(If you do not allow this functionality, the app will not be able to track locations on your device).

For more information about Apple's Location Services, see: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5594


If you locations are not being tracked after pressing the Start button, make sure that the app's Background App Refresh setting is enabled: see the IMPORTANT tip in the Tips and Recommendations section.

If you are viewing the map and don't see a location that you think should be available, try choosing the “Refresh” item in the map's action menu.

If no locations appear in a map or the map is very high level (e.g., a view of the entire country), ensure that Location Services are enabled both for the device and for the app.
Also make sure that your device is not in Airplane mode in the Settings app (Location Services will be disabled when Airplane mode is on).

If Location Services are disabled for your device or for the app, you will receive a message informing you of this the next time you start or switch to the “Where Did I Go” app.
Exit the application (see note below),
switch to the "Settings" app on your iPad/iPhone,
set the switch button for Location Services to ON, and
also set the switch button for the app to ON;
then restart "Where Did I Go".
("Location Services" may be found under "Privacy" in the Settings app.)

(Location services for the app would be disabled, for example, if you accidentally press “Don't Allow” instead of "OK" when prompted about location services the first time you ran the app).

If a button for "Where Did I Go" does not appear under Location Services in the Settings app, then you probably have merely switched away from the Where Did I Go app and not exited from it.
Alternatively, you may need to force the list of apps appearing under "Location Services" to refresh by turning the device Location Services off and then back on again.
In either case, you will need to exit the app (per the note below) and then restart the app.
A message will appear saying "Where Did I Go Would Like to Use Your Location";
press "OK" and you should be all set to go.

How to exit the app and make sure it is not running in the background:

When you need to restart the app, you have to make sure that it is not actually running in the background on your device.
Here's how to correctly exit the app.

Go to your device's home screen (press the home button).
Double-press the home button to display apps that are running in the background.

If you are using iOS 6:
In this display, find the icon for “Where Did I Go” (you may need to swipe right or left to find it);
press this icon for a couple of seconds until it starts wiggling.
Pressing the red circle in its upper left corner will stop the app from running in the background and close it completely.

If you are using iOS 7:
In this display, place a finger on the image for this app and swipe toward the top of your screen to close the app.

Upgrading from the Lite Edition:

If you are currently using the Lite Edition and wish to upgrade to the full edition of this app, you can find Where Did I Go in the App Store.

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